On the show this week:

The Chaos Chronicles: the Unberable Lightness of Taxes & a Pap Smear

The Pile-On Moms: Alicia Silverstone, January Jones and the Vogue Diet Mom Dara-Lynn Weis

Crowdsourcing Fashion Tips and College Tour planning

The To Do List

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Lian Dolan's humorous take on modern Motherhood. This week on the show: Throwing a Tween rager with Ragin Tweens in my Back-Yard; Meeting Nellie Olsen and Erin Walton; Penn State and an importnat To Do List.

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Lian Dolan's weekly humor podcast on Modern Motherhood and more. This week on the show: Travelling to New Orleans with more reservations than one woman needs. Plus, two words I won't be using anymore: Pre-Checking and Artisan. And, I am more like Martha Stewart than I knew.

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Lian goes to Hollywood: The hardest thing about TV pitch season

Lian goes to the DMV: Meet the state employee superhoeroes at the DMV

The Ten Worst Jobs-- is your on the list?

The To Do List: I would like to buy a car. Where are the cars? Where are the salepeople?

Plus, announcements from the Chaos Crew on The Cleava and the melon scare

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Back to school day here on the Chaos Chronicles! Time for kids to get on the Big Yellow School bus and for parents to make those September Resolutions. Hear Lian's and make your own! Plus, 6 Things Every Teen Wishes their Parents Knew with your comments. Finally, a To Do List for the Chaos Crew.

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