Lian interview Singer/songwriter Susan Cattaneo about her work and new album Haunted Heart, For more information, visit

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Lian Dolan interviews writer, radio host and reverend Ian Punnet on his wise and wonderful new book, How to Pray When You're Pissed at God. Going through a tough time? Feel angry ro depressed at the Holidays? A conversation with Ian Punnett about turning that ager into healing. 

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Welcome to a new series of interview featuring guests of the Satellite Sisterhood. Lian Dolan talks to Nancy Berk, Parade Magazine's Show Biz Analyst, on her series of interviews with the kids of the original cast of The Sound of Music. What are the film Von Trapp Kids up to now? Nancy shares her insights on the actors then and now, secrets from the set of The Sound of Music, their remembrances of Julie Andrews and what they think of the new Carrie Underwood Production. 

To listen to the Whine @ 9 interviews with the Von Trapp Kids, click here.

To Read Nancy Berk's interview at, Click here. 

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