A bonus podcast for The Chaos Crew. Lian's got a new theme for 2014. Here what it is and tell me your own theme, Plus:

Holiday Movies Reviews

Audio Book round-Up

Advice for caring for agining parents

and Take the Dialect Quiz from the New York Times

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Lian Dolan's weekly show on Modern Motherhood: 

The Mashed Potato Bar & Chicken Marbella 

The Solumnity of Newtown Anniversary. Read Lisa Belkin's piece from the Huffington Pos

In the news: 

Safe Holiday Driving Tips from State Farm. For more information, clikc to go to the State Farm site

Strange Bedfellows: Pope Francis & Gisele Bundchen

and Does Your Blood Actually Thin in Cold Weather

Finally: Holiday To Do List

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Lian Dolan's weekly show on Modern Motherhood:

Lian's Follow-Up on Thanksgiving, Pate & Black Friday

News from the Front: 

Babies and Food Allergies

College Degrees that make money... and those that don't

Have a Daughter interested in Math and Science? Check out engineergirl.org  

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Lian Dolan's weekly podcast on Modern Motherhood: 

This week: The LA Auto Show press Days become a Take Your Son To Work situation for Lian

Po Culture Round-Up: 

Sleepy Hollow

Catching Fire

Bridget Jones Mad About The Boy

Holiday To Do List

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On the show today:

Are you a Morning Person? Can you change if you’re not? Please help me help my teenaged son!

Featured Interview with Designer, Author and Crafter Betz White: Find her work here at betzwhite.com  


Advice for SnapChat kid: Take the money

Outsourcing your life: Does it make good ecomonic sense to hire help , like lots of help? From the New York Times article. What would you outsource and why?

To Do List: Gourmet Caramel Apples! 

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On the show this week

Triumph at the DMV


Can Family Dinners lead to extra Mindfulness? Lian has a  theory.  To read the article from the New York Times: Mindfulness Getting Its Share of Attention, click here.


Birth Order, Brains and Bitterness. Lian answers the Huffington Post’s 28 Signs You’re Dealing with an Older Child with her own list of 28 Signs You’re Dealing with the Youngest Child.

To Do List: Time to Plant the Tulips

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The Chaos Chronicles returns! back behind the mic with:

Building better Classroom Environments for Boys from Time.com. Here's a link to : Chisitina Hoff Sommers: 3 Things Schools can do to help Boys Succeed

Kid, Parents and Online Obligations

Willow Wonder: Why Do I Worry: a new book about childhood anxiety and OCD with author Kristin Beckstrom Radcliffe. For more information, click here: http://www.kbradcliffe.com/Willow-Wonders.html

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On this episode: 

Lian goes to the County Fair and breake her vow never to eat a Blooming Onion

Updates on Happiness and School Books for Teacher Mona and Prayers for Pastor Jill

Gap Year Growing Pains and To Do List

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Today, it's (almost) all about the Happy on Chaos Chronicles. Or at least, the Happier! On the show this week:

A Hot Chocolate Study that made me happy ( for a short time)

9 Ways to take a Bliss Trip, thanks to Health Magazine. The article by Kate Lowenstein is not online but you can find lots of other articles on Healthy & Happy here at health.com.  To access and identify your Signature Strengths,  the free Values in Action Inventory of Strengths Survey, click here

Click here to get Happier


Can a website really make you happier? Well, I've ceratingly enjoyed it for the first day of 'sharing happy' with total strangers. Want to join the Happier Community? Click here. 

To read more about Happier founder Nataly Kogan, here is an article by here at The Huffington Post.  Here's Nataly Kogan's TedX talk and bio. 



Plus, a To List assignment for the whole Chaos Crew. Thanks in advance.

Embrace your chaos, Lian

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On the show today:

Lian's novel Elizabeth the First Wife zooms up the charts at Nook and Kindle! 

An Update on Lessons Learned at BlogHer 2013: Guy Kawasaki; Steamy Kitchen; Producing your own podcast; selling your blog

Book Tour Last Stand at The Book Stall in Chicago

Family Vacation: Block Island, East Hampton, Wesport 

My friend's Inn:  http://www.oldtowninnbi.com/

Back to School Survey: Who is more excited? You or the kids? according ot Land's End, the answer is...

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Lian jumps on the Royal Baby Watch with Live coverage from her closet. Plus:

My (Short-lived) Life as a Life Coach

Those Awful Wedding Shows on TLC

The Lesson of Cory Monteith and RIPD Bombs

BlogHer 2013

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On this week's Chaos Chronicles:

Lian's Royal Baby Predictions: A Boy named James

Surprising Mood Boosters from O Magazine: Peppermint, Sleep and Surprises

Media Recommendation: ESPN's Nine for IX series. Don't miss Pat XO about Pat Summit. For all of the documentaries in this series, please consult ESPN. 


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Lian is back from the Tour de Oregon. A review of the two week road trip, plus other ramblings on audio books, 4th of July, Harry & David, the joys of good beds and Jury Duty Limbo. 

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Lian Dolan's weekly take on Modern Motherhood. On the show this week:

Back from the East Coast Book Tour. Thanks to all those who showed up in Maplewood, Mattituck, Madison and Westport. Lian's Book Tour Top Ten List from Bookstores to Banana Republic to Italian food. 

News Round-up:

Jennifer Weiner's The Next Best Thing

Vladimir Putin back on the market

Brad Pitt should stop talking

Telephone Etiquette Apologies

Martha Stewart Sundaes

To Do List: Enter our Summer with Shakespeare Sweepstakes

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Lian is back with the Chaos Chronicles:

The College Decision is made for her son. Now what?

The Elizabeth the First Wife Book Tour begins. Hear about the Summer with Shakespeare Sweepstakes

Mother's Day Reflections

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Lian Dolan is back with her weekly take on Modern Mother, life, news, culture and more:

Hoew I spent my Spring Break: In the Hospital on an IV

Not-so-Newsworthy News: New CEO at Amex; Justin Beiber in a Bubble; and Why I don't like "Bones." 

To Do List: Community Service and Design help needed

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Lian is back for a full hour of Chaos:

The Joy of Volunterring

News Nuggests: Cookie Crimes; Oz at the Box Office; Glitter Bombs

The Case of Sheryl Sandberg and Lean In

What to learn from Steubenville

Plus, To Do list

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Chaos Chronicles 703: Air Emergency; Martha Stewart Goes to Court and a Tribute to a Satellite Mister

Chaos Chronicles 703:

An update on Lian's excellent trip to Dallas and her scary flight home

What's happening with College admissions at Lian's house

Martha Stewart back in court with some fantastic testimony

A tribute to a Satellite Mister and the power of the community

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An update on Lian's father's death and her advice for those who are caregivers. Plus, an update on her new book, Elizabeth the First Wife.

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Lian Dolan's weekly podcast is back for 2013. This week, an update on life, her new book and some thoughts on changes in the year to come.

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