Lian Dolan on the last few months of her mother's illness, death and funeral. With thanks.

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Lian describes the last few months of her mother's illness, death and funeral. A list of Lessons Learned and the To Do list for the rest of the year.

To read a tribute to Edna Klarman Dolan:

To Read Lian's Public Thank You Note:

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Chaos Chronicles Special with the Satellite Sisters: Update from the Homefront

Lian welcomes her sisters Julie Dolan and Liz Dolan, two of the five Satellite Sisters,  to the Chaos Chronicles. 

Julie, Liz and Lian reconnect to fill listeners in on the turn of events in the lives  of their parents:

Julie reports on how her dad with Alzheimers is adusting to Dallas, Texas

Liz reports on our mother's cancer diagnosis and what's happening at Care Central in Santa Monica

Lian reports on her two root canals

and all the Sisters need to talk about Gen. Petraeus

Thanks to The weepies for use of their song "You can't go back now."
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Saving for College, Space Shuttle Sighting, Financial Advice: Chaos Chronicles 604

This week on the Show:

The Panini Generation Rollercoaster

The Space Shuttle comes to Pasadena

College Savings Plans and ScholarShare

30 Things you should know about Money before age 30

Random Acts of Poetry

Happy Birthday, Lisa from Connecticut!

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Lian is back with a few thoughts on:

The Back to School Night Panic has set in. Let the grade checking begin.

Plus, in the news:

Is Motherhood REALLY the Hardest job?

What's Life on Mars like for a family in California

Does Sweet food make you sweeter? Do butter foods make you harsh? A new study says yes.

Plus, To Do List. You vote! Dorky or Not Dorky

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Lance Armstrong, LL Cool J, Naked Prince Harry, and The Coffee Cup Murder: Chaos Chronicles 602

The Chaos Chronicles: Stop me before I apply to College for my son!

Plus, what a news week!

Naked Prince Harry!

Lance Armstrong

LL Cool J


The Coffee Cup Murder

Plus, My To Do List

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Back to School Advice for High School Parents! Dockers Shortage! Panini Generation! Chaos Chronicles 601

Lian Dolan starts her sixth season begind the microphone. This week, Back to School advice for New High School Parents. Plus, Lian identifies a major shortage in the BTS supply chain: Dockers Shorts. Plus, A Panini Generation update.

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On this week's show, Lian takes on :

The Colorado Shooter: Is he mentally ill? Let's hope so. But maybe not. For an interesting perspective, read this story from The New York Times Magazine by Scott Anderson. He profiles a man in prison for shooting his parents 19 year ago. He's sorry, he's reformed, should he go free?

Women in the news: Suri Cruise and Ann Curry

And The Summer of Nagging: Hello, my name is Lian and I'm a nagger. Please help me as I nag my 17 year old son the summer before his senior.

Plus, To Do List

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Lian is back from vacation! And she got news, opinions, stories and an audio book give-away!

Lian breaks down her three weeks off: Funerals, Fun and Mulch

New Rounds-up: American Idol opportunity; Katies Holmes; Ralph Lauren's Olympic gaffe and Why does the New York Times hate Mothers?

Plus, women and sports, the Penn state scandal and why does the NCAA hate Caltech?

Lian's To Do List

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Lian explains why half the Chaos Chronicles is actually a Satellite Sisters! More chaos:

Plus, TV News, How to be an Emcee and why would anyone buy Reille Hunter's book

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On the show this week:

Panini Generation Update: transition not so smooth, thanks.

Middle School Graduation Observations and What I Learned in Middle School

In the news: The Sandusky trial

To Do List: Father's Day Gift Items

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Academic Steroids! Sex, Lies & Money! Bag Build-up! The Chaos Chronicles Podcast #516

On the show this week:

Teens on Academic Steroids: Students taking stimulants for Good Grades and High SAT scores. From the New York Times article.

Sex, Lies and Money: Self Magazine's shocking survey on how we deal with money and spending in relationships

Bag build-up: The impending Plastic Bag Ban has Lian hoarding grocery bags

Plus, The Panini Generation: More on Aging Parents

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On the show this week:

The Panini Generation: Living with Alzheimers

Olympic Fever: I want Dara Torres' Flat Belly

Parents of Average Children Unite

Plus, To Do List

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Jennifer Egan is the Pulitzer Prize- winning author of a Visit from the Goon Squad and she's making news this week by publishing her short story Black Box via Twitter. (Don't woryy, if you're not on Twitter, you can find it in this week's The New Yorker magazine or at )  In honor of that literary milestone, I'm reposting an interview with Jennifer Egan that I did several years ago with my Satellite Sister Liz. Jennifer Egan is warm, smart and super-articulate. A joy to talk to ...

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In honor of the release of Claire Cook's new novel Wallflower in Bloom ( June 5, 2012), I'm reposting an interview with this fun, funny writer/mom/sister/inspiration. My Satellite Sister Liz and I talk to Claire about her book Seven Year Itch, how she made the leap into writing and what's next on her agenda of re-einvention. Claire Cook's latest book Wallflower in Bloom will be released this week in hardback and Kindle.

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This week on the show:

The Chaos Chronicles: Goodbye and Thank you for all the dishes. Donna Summer

News Round-Up: Coffee makes you live lonbger; Facebook IPO; John Edwards Trial

Advice for Getting through Graduations, from Pre-school to College

To Do List: Battleship & Barefoot Contessa

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On the show this week:

Lian reaches her breaking point and declares a Volunteer Sabbatical!

Communication News: How to get what you want; Smartphone tech for home use; and we like twitter more than what?

Plus, Mothers Day Give-away and  To Do List

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On the show this week:

The Chaos Chronicles: Or how i nearly starved to death  in a 5 star hotel.

John Edwards Trail vs. The Tv Show Scandal: Which one is more unbelievable

The Sibling Effect by Jeffrey Kluger

The To Do List: Please don't give me your old stuff

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Lian is back from Spring Break! On this show:

Medical tests! College Tours! or what I did on my Spring Break

Plus, news from the last two weeks: Mommy Wars; 50 Shades of Grey; Let's Run for Mayor!

To Do List: Take my survey

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On the Show this week

The Chaos Chronicles: DIY Fallout

Plus, The Good and Not So Good of Social Media; Women and Time management survey from Real Simple; and My Review of The Hunger Games

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This week on Chaos Chronicles 508:

The Chaos Chronicles: Planning the multi-generational family vacation

Brands & Branding: Dads demand apology from Huggies; Adweek's  3 new female consumers; All Hail, Ocean Spray

To Do List: Stay Away from meat

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This week on the show:

The Chaos Chronicles: More emergency trips to the doctor's and one emergency trip to Chico's.

News items: Beware the Sun Flare Storm and Feel-Good Story of the Week

From the Community: No Gifts Etiquette and School Project Haters

To Do List: Buy Mantyhose

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The Posion Oak Chronicles: What Dr. Google sez I should try on my Poison Oak

Mailbag: Yarn answers and No Gift Party Policies

News: Cupcakes and Big, Lazy Misogynist Pigs

To Do List: World Read Aloud Day

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The Chaos Chronicles: Where was Lian last week?

News Riled Up: Chris Brown; Downton Abbey; Valentine's Day; Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Isssue

Do the Work: Re-adjusting Goals and Timelines

plus, To Do List

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Lian emcees the ltdLIVE conference for Women Entrepreneurs.

Insights on starting a business from CEO/Founders of; Plum District; glassybaby; and Kate Somerville

How to Thrive, according to one thriving specialist

And the Chaos Crew does the work!

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The Chaos Chronicles: Lian debates whether she is a "Debate Mom" or not

Plus, an update on 2012's theme: Do the Work

Fun facts to know for The Big Game plus one Super Bowl promotions that's a Stretch

What's happening at the Mall

Modern Art meets Modern Life: Pacific Standard Time

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Umprecedented Married Life Victory! Lian wins a DIY Project.

Plus, The Golden Globes; Paula Deen; SOPA and PIPA

Interview: College Bound and Gagged with author Dr. Nancy Berk

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Lian's Theme for 2012: Do The Work

Parenting news: New studies of Teens and arguing and pre-schoolers and activities

Vegetable News: Year of the Potato and Veggie Up your Life

To Do List: Don't be awful 

Plus, Give-aways and more

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