The College-Bound Chronicles 120: SAT Shake Up

A podcast series for parents tackling the college admissions process with their children.

Advice and information from the parents’ perspective.

Hosted by:

Dr. Nancy Berk, psychologist, mother and author of College Bound and Gagged.

Lian Dolan, mother, broadcaster and host of The Chaos Chronicles.


On this episode:

Nancy and Lian discuss parental panic and the implications of the redesigned SAT.

Nancy reviews a list of tips from top college consultants.

Check out these websites for more information

Jeannie Borrin and College Connection. Read jeannie's breakdown of the SAT changes here. 

Debbie Stier and The Perfect Score Project.  Read about Debbie's quest to ace the SAT's and lots of good advice here.

Big Future and College

The hosts reveal what they’ve been up to since episode 119, including a Parent's perspective of Gap Year

Dr. Nancy Berk’s List of 5: Things you can do instead of panicking about the SAT.

To find the entire College-Bound Chronicles podcast series, check out iTunes and Stitcher. Or find the series here on LibSyn. 


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Lian Dolan is back behind the microphone and discussing:

Meeting her hero at an author's event in Santa Barbara

Daylights Savings Distraction: Waking up teens and car accidents

Young Entrepenuers: They invent apps and they get bad grades. Phew! 

Life Animated: The new book by Ron Siskind about educating his autistic son through Disney animated movies

Books: the 50th Aniversary Special of harriet the Spy and forcing my son to listn to The Fault in our Stars

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