Lian Dolan's weekly podcast on Modern Motherhood: 

This week: The LA Auto Show press Days become a Take Your Son To Work situation for Lian

Po Culture Round-Up: 

Sleepy Hollow

Catching Fire

Bridget Jones Mad About The Boy

Holiday To Do List

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On the show today:

Are you a Morning Person? Can you change if you’re not? Please help me help my teenaged son!

Featured Interview with Designer, Author and Crafter Betz White: Find her work here at  


Advice for SnapChat kid: Take the money

Outsourcing your life: Does it make good ecomonic sense to hire help , like lots of help? From the New York Times article. What would you outsource and why?

To Do List: Gourmet Caramel Apples! 

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On the show this week

Triumph at the DMV


Can Family Dinners lead to extra Mindfulness? Lian has a  theory.  To read the article from the New York Times: Mindfulness Getting Its Share of Attention, click here.


Birth Order, Brains and Bitterness. Lian answers the Huffington Post’s 28 Signs You’re Dealing with an Older Child with her own list of 28 Signs You’re Dealing with the Youngest Child.

To Do List: Time to Plant the Tulips

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