A wonderful Mother's Day interview with author Amy Hatvany. Her new book Heart Like Mine is a warm, engaging story of three women and their emotional journey to find a connection to each other and their pasts. Heart Like Mine explores relationships between mothers and daughters, stepmoms and stepkids, and husbands and wives. Amy herself is a warm and engaging interview. She shares her writing porcess, how she's makes time for her creative life in a house with kids and work and her special relationship with her own sister, who taught her the menaing of empathy. We loved talking to Amy. We hope you enjoy listening.

For more information on Amy Hatvany, please visit Amyhatvany.com


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Lian is back with the Chaos Chronicles:

The College Decision is made for her son. Now what?

The Elizabeth the First Wife Book Tour begins. Hear about the Summer with Shakespeare Sweepstakes

Mother's Day Reflections

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The College-Bound Chronicles 116: Now What?

A podcast series for parents tackling the college admissions process with their children.
Advice and information from the parents’ perspective.
Hosted by:
Dr. Nancy Berk, psychologist, mother and author of College Bound and Gagged.
Lian Dolan, mother, broadcaster and host of The Chaos Chronicles.
On this episode:
Lian’s family update on the college decision
Lian and Nancy discuss non-traditional decisions 
Nancy shares tips for maintaining senior year academic momentum after acceptance
Advice on:
How to help your teen prepare for transition
How to keep your teen from checking out before graduation
How to prep for summer
Dr. Nancy Berk’s List of 5: Countdown to Graduation
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A series of interview with writers. In this episode, writer and humorist Tracy Beckerman talks about her new "momoir' Lost in Suburbia. Tracy's popular newpaper column Lost in Suburbia is een in over 400 newspapers. Her memoir tells the story of how she got pregnant, lost herself, and then got her cool back in the New Jersey suburbs. For more information about Tracy Beckerman, please check out her website Lost in Surbia  http://lostinsuburbiablog.com/

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A series of interviews with authors. This episode features author Caroline Leavitt. She is the author of ten books, including the NYT bestseller Pictures of You and her latest novel Is This Tomorrow. Is This Tomorrow is a haunting literary thriller about a child disappearance in a Boston suburbs in the late Fifties and the aftermath of the case on family and friends decades later. Caroline Leavitt is a engaging interview, charming storyteller and generous teacher whose advice about writing is second to none. For more information on Caroline Leavitt and her work, please visit her website and blog http://www.carolineleavitt.com/

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