On this week's show, Lian takes on :

The Colorado Shooter: Is he mentally ill? Let's hope so. But maybe not. For an interesting perspective, read this story from The New York Times Magazine by Scott Anderson. He profiles a man in prison for shooting his parents 19 year ago. He's sorry, he's reformed, should he go free?

Women in the news: Suri Cruise and Ann Curry

And The Summer of Nagging: Hello, my name is Lian and I'm a nagger. Please help me as I nag my 17 year old son the summer before his senior.

Plus, To Do List

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Lian is back from vacation! And she got news, opinions, stories and an audio book give-away!

Lian breaks down her three weeks off: Funerals, Fun and Mulch

New Rounds-up: American Idol opportunity; Katies Holmes; Ralph Lauren's Olympic gaffe and Why does the New York Times hate Mothers?

Plus, women and sports, the Penn state scandal and why does the NCAA hate Caltech?

Lian's To Do List

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