Lian explains why half the Chaos Chronicles is actually a Satellite Sisters! More chaos:

Plus, TV News, How to be an Emcee and why would anyone buy Reille Hunter's book

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On the show this week:

Panini Generation Update: transition not so smooth, thanks.

Middle School Graduation Observations and What I Learned in Middle School

In the news: The Sandusky trial

To Do List: Father's Day Gift Items

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Academic Steroids! Sex, Lies & Money! Bag Build-up! The Chaos Chronicles Podcast #516

On the show this week:

Teens on Academic Steroids: Students taking stimulants for Good Grades and High SAT scores. From the New York Times article.

Sex, Lies and Money: Self Magazine's shocking survey on how we deal with money and spending in relationships

Bag build-up: The impending Plastic Bag Ban has Lian hoarding grocery bags

Plus, The Panini Generation: More on Aging Parents

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On the show this week:

The Panini Generation: Living with Alzheimers

Olympic Fever: I want Dara Torres' Flat Belly

Parents of Average Children Unite

Plus, To Do List

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