On the show this week:

The Chaos Chronicles: the Unberable Lightness of Taxes & a Pap Smear

The Pile-On Moms: Alicia Silverstone, January Jones and the Vogue Diet Mom Dara-Lynn Weis

Crowdsourcing Fashion Tips and College Tour planning

The To Do List

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On the Show this week

The Chaos Chronicles: DIY Fallout

Plus, The Good and Not So Good of Social Media; Women and Time management survey from Real Simple; and My Review of The Hunger Games

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This week on Chaos Chronicles 508:

The Chaos Chronicles: Planning the multi-generational family vacation

Brands & Branding: Dads demand apology from Huggies; Adweek's  3 new female consumers; All Hail, Ocean Spray

To Do List: Stay Away from meat

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This week on the show:

The Chaos Chronicles: More emergency trips to the doctor's and one emergency trip to Chico's.

News items: Beware the Sun Flare Storm and Feel-Good Story of the Week

From the Community: No Gifts Etiquette and School Project Haters

To Do List: Buy Mantyhose

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The Posion Oak Chronicles: What Dr. Google sez I should try on my Poison Oak

Mailbag: Yarn answers and No Gift Party Policies

News: Cupcakes and Big, Lazy Misogynist Pigs

To Do List: World Read Aloud Day

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