The Chaos Chronicles: Hear the Acceptance Speech I didn't give at The Book Awards because I LOST

More Literary News: How I ended up at a Naked Poetry Reading

Parenting New: Too much praise for Toddlers; No Pajamas in the Carpool line and the HPV Vaccine for Boys

To Do List: Halloween tips, costumes, recipes and more

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The Chaos Chronicles: Lian's Career Downfall as a TV writer and her resurgence as a Multi-Media Entrepenuer.  Then, one writer in America had a worse week then me. And, Women's Health tips for optimism and my tips for pessimism. Plus,  I need etiquette advice for my To Do List.

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Bigger than the Royal Wedding! Lian goes to New Orleans with the fam for The Big Wedding. Plus, Great items from the SkyMall catalog and a Brand New Color! And, my To Do List.

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Lian Dolan's weekly humor podcast on Modern Motherhood and more. This week on the show: Travelling to New Orleans with more reservations than one woman needs. Plus, two words I won't be using anymore: Pre-Checking and Artisan. And, I am more like Martha Stewart than I knew.

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