Today, it's (almost) all about the Happy on Chaos Chronicles. Or at least, the Happier! On the show this week:

A Hot Chocolate Study that made me happy ( for a short time)

9 Ways to take a Bliss Trip, thanks to Health Magazine. The article by Kate Lowenstein is not online but you can find lots of other articles on Healthy & Happy here at  To access and identify your Signature Strengths,  the free Values in Action Inventory of Strengths Survey, click here

Click here to get Happier


Can a website really make you happier? Well, I've ceratingly enjoyed it for the first day of 'sharing happy' with total strangers. Want to join the Happier Community? Click here. 

To read more about Happier founder Nataly Kogan, here is an article by here at The Huffington Post.  Here's Nataly Kogan's TedX talk and bio. 



Plus, a To List assignment for the whole Chaos Crew. Thanks in advance.

Embrace your chaos, Lian

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